Handy shaker cup made of BPA-free plastic. With special shaker ball and round base design. Ideal for mixing protein drinks and shakes evenly and without lumps. With sturdy, leak-proof screw cap with click system, carrying strap, and volume indicator in ml/oz. Dishwasher-safe. Includes user manual. Capacity 820 ml.

Contigo® Outstanding quality, design and technology. Immediately recognisable by the sleek and stylish design, sturdy and strong. The innovative Contigo® water bottles and drinking cups are odourless, taste-free and BPA-free. The drinking bottles are guaranteed 100% leak-proof, so they can be used anywhere and anytime. Go for sustainable promotion with our very best favourites!

Išmatavimai: H 23.5 cm
Svoris: 195 g
Medžiaga: synthetic material

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