The smallest Contigo® thermo cup with double stainless steel wall. Drinks stay warm for up to 4 hrs and cold for up to 12 hrs. AUTOSEAL® technology guarantees a 100% leak-free drinking experience. Only the lid is dishwasher safe. Incl. operating instructions. Capacity 300 ml.

Contigo® The best in quality, design and technology. Immediately recognisable by its sleek and stylish design, strong and solid. The innovative Contigo® water bottles and thermo cups are odourless, tasteless, BPA-free and based on the revolutionary AUTOSEAL® or AUTOSPOUT® technology (2 year warranty). Closed the spout is protected from dirt and microbes. The drinking bottles are operated one-handed and guaranteed to be 100% leak-free.

Išmatavimai: H 16.5 cm
Svoris: 285 g
Medžiaga: stainless steel

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black/brown, Juoda, light blue, red, Ruda, silver

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